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With humor and a bit of bite, Timothy Guillot’s new play, “The Interview,” explores the power struggles, unmentioned motives, and awkward small talk of that time-honored method of applicant evaluation.

Union Stationcropped-Union-Station-Art1.png

Just another morning commute, with just another boy, to whom   W is “just talking.” Danielle Mohlman’s new play, Union Station, dexterously examines one of our generation’s iterations of that timeless tension between intimacy and insecurity.




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  2. Michael Redman

    A strong first offering. Loving the format! I missed the transition from dialogue to inner narrative the first time, though it was well rendered using the station sounds, but this allowed me to jump back 30 seconds or so and attack it again. How many times have I wished I could do that while watching a play? Very cool.

    Do more. Now!


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